Colegio Columbia


Principal`s Message


Following a year during which profound changes took place in our school, I can now confidently write that all of our students have strongly developed important abilities such as leadership, tolerance, respect, teamwork, and intellectual courage and accuracy.

I would like to acknowledge the dedication of our middle and high school students when it comes to their involvement in this year's community service. They have been key elements in the spread of Columbia's core values of respect, tolerance, discipline, responsibility, and human dignity. 

All our appreciation goes to our students' parents, who have been relentlessly supporting their children and the school in all the different academic, social, and sporting events.

I would like to send my utmost gratitude to our teachers, coordinators, and directors for their invaluable efforts to make the last school year a remarkable one, and for remaining fully committed to the Columbia philosophy.

I look forward to an even more enriching experience during this school year and expect to see you all, bolstering our beloved institution with new ideas.

Pilar Guzmán


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